ACCA Law | ACCA Corporate and Business Law (F4)

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Description: "The LW syllabus is designed to develop knowledge and chops in the understanding of the general legal frame, and of specific legal areas relating to business, recognising the need to seek further specialist legal advice where necessary. Remember, the end of LW isn't to turn you into a counsel, but rather to concentrate on the legal areas that an accountant must be apprehensive of when rehearsing. The syllabus covers a range of legal areas that an accountant needs to have knowledge of to help in their career, similar as contract law, employment law, and understanding the conformation, backing, and administration of companies, as well as commercial fraud among other effects. Commercial and Business Law is one of the Applied Chops subjects within ACCA and the knowledge learned then's applicable in other applied skill subjects like Financial Reporting (FR) and Inspection and Assurance (AA) as well as bolstering the after Strategic Professional Essential subject Strategic Business Reporting (SBR). Thus it's essential to make a strong foundation of knowledge while studying for the LW course. "

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